Cold Isostatic Press (CIP) for laboratory [EN]

Cold Isostatic Press system for laboratory purposes

Cold Isostatic Press by AIP

Cold Isostatic Pressing has become a widely used process for consolidation of metal, ceramic, plastic, and composite powders. Wet bag CIP is performed in rubber molds which can be manufactured to intricate shapes and various sizes. This creates uniform density throughout the green body resulting in predictable shrinkage during subsequent sintering or HIPping. CIP can form parts too complex for uniaxial die presses. CIPed green bodies may also be machined quite easily prior to firing. Wet bag presses are capable of processing different size molds, multiple bags simultaneously, and very large parts. Most materials compact in the range between 10,000 to 40,000 psi. A research system with 60,000 psi capability allows testing to be done prior to scale up. Our research systems are extremely simple and economical, allowing organizations the ability to own one or more systems in house. Cold Isostatic Presses make an excellent addition to any facility and provide safety and reliability

Cold Isostatic Press by AIP Cold Isostatic Press by AIP Cold Isostatic Press by AIP

MOST POPULAR MODELS of Cold Isostatic Press for laboratory purposes are:

AIP – American Isostatic Presses Inc. (US producer anagram)
XX – ID (Internal Diameter) vessel in inches*
YY – IL (internal Length) vessel in inches*
ZZ – pressure in kPSI
C – CIP (Cold-Isostatic-Press)
P – Pin type closure
A – automatic operation (open, close, programming) 
* other sizes on request

Models Hot Isostatic Press Style Vessel ID inches (mm) Vessel IL inches (mm) Max pressure
CIP,  ID = starting from 3″ -, IL can be different depends on request, different pressures possible
AIP3-12-60C *** Threaded 3 (75) 12 (305) up to 700 MPA *
AIP4-16-30C *** Threaded 4 (102) 16 (406) up to 400 MPa **
AIP5-20-30C *** Threaded 5 (127) 20 (508) up to 400 MPa **
AIP6-20-30C *** Threaded 6 (152) 20 (508) up to 400 MPa **
AIP8-20-30C *** Threaded 8 (203) 20 (508) up to 400 MPa **

– * Max pressure for small unit can be extremal high
– ** Pressure for bigger units depend on request. 
– *** Above size are standard models with proposed vessel size and pressures but feel free to ask for other sizes, parameters and vessel style 
– Some parameters can be changed due to new model developing so please always ask for actual parameters.


VESSEL INTERIOR DIAMETER (it is not working chamber size) 3, 4, 5, 6, 8
VESSEL INTERIOR LENGTH (it is not working chamber size) 8″ do 48″
500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 bars (optional very high pressure for R&D 6890 bars)
VESSEL TYPE PED Certified, ASME Section VIII, Div 3 code stamped pressure vessel, National Board registered. Hydro-Tested and stamped. SA-723 steel. Rated 10,000 commercial cycles. Other certification also available for Korea, Japan or China. Some countries also accept US ASME.
CLOSURE TYPE Full thread
Partial Thread (Breech)
Pin type
Yoke held closures
PUMP Haskel or Hydropack high pressure pump air or electro-hydraulic driven 
COOLING JACKET Removable external water cooling jacket. Cooling jacked is placed on vessel and cools vessel
HEAD HANDLER Semi automatic lift
CONTROLS Fully automatic, Pentium IV computer controlled with Wonderware In Touch 9.5 graphical interface. Allen-Bradley Compact Logix PLC controller. Computer and 19 inch LCD monitor supplied. Files logged to Excel compatible format
POWER SUPPLY HDR phase angle fired SCR into step down low voltage transformer. Computer assisted short circuit detection and high amperage monitoring http://www.hdrpower.com/ 
COMPRESSOR Hydro-Pac electro-hydraulic compressor rated to max pressure. Typical pump time approximately 1 hour. Can be longer if higher pressure. http://www.hydropac.com/HTML/lilcritter.html
PIPING Butech high pressure valves, and associated fittings. System designed for max operation pressure. https://www.haskel.com/products/butech-high-pressure-valves/
SET OF SPARE PARTS INCLUDED   Fuses, bulbs, O-rings, lubricants, thermocouples, rapture discs, etc.
PRODUCT TESTING   The system is pre-tested at AIP facility to perform specified parameters.
PRODUCT DOCUMENTATION Two complete sets of drawings and operator manuals will be provided.
SHIPPING AIP shall crate cold isostatic press, prepare and load the unit onto a carrier’s truck. Unit can be shipped air or sea.
INSTALLATION AND TRAINING  Engineer will supervise installation of the press. Customer would be responsible for rigging and placement. AIP will provide training during the installation.