High Pressure Processing Machine for LABORATORY [EN]

High Pressure Processing Machine for Laboratory and R&D purposes.

Please see our wide range of small HPP systems for Research and Development used in Laboratories, Universities, Institutes or R&D Centers.

High Pressure Processing Machine High Pressure Processing Machine High Pressure Processing Machine High Pressure Processing Machine
System 15 liters System 3 liters System 5 liters System 10 liters

Offered systems are designed for research and development and also for small pilot production. It has extended premium warranties for failure-free operation during tests and spare parts included. Offered systems are fully certified for use in Europe, have pressure certificates PED and Declaration of Conformity (CE) as well as others like f.eg. ASME accepted in USA.

High Pressure Processing Machine – main technical data for standard models

Vessel volume (3L and 10L also possible) 5 litrów 15 litrów 30 litrów
Internal Diameter ID = 130 mm ID = 160 mm ID = 200 mm
Internal Length IL = 650 mm IL = 1050 mm IL = 1250 mm
Maximum pressure

600 MPa
~6000 bar

Time to reach full pressure ca 2 min
Working fluid

Local drinking water (Purified water or R/O water will be better)

Temperature for processing water

5- 20`C. Circulating Cooling Water

Number of intensifiers

1 2 4

Electrical power

11 kW 30 kW 45 kW

Sanitary food design

All the stainless steel including machine outer cover are the 304 or 316 stainless steel for the machine

Pressure Transducers

Own brand military technology reliable and durable

Automatic loading and unloading line

Automatic conveyor loading basket enter vessel and output vessel for unloading basket

Carriers basket for loading the product

Providing the food grade basket with the machine together. 4 baskets or more together with system.

Control cabinet

Providing international standard control cabinet including ABB, Schneider and other famous brand electrical components.

Control modes

Auto-control and freely setting high pressure processing parameters. Touch screen control. Multi language possible on request.
– pressure,
– temperature,
– time,
– alarm indication,
– pressure curve etc.
– datum with print,
– output,
– records etc function,
– international internet remote monitoring,
– online service, diagnosis and fault service


Quality certificate ISO 9001:2015
Europe Pressure Directive PED 97/23/CE
American ASME-U3


Providing the whole machine service at least 2 years.

Vessel Warranty

At least providing 150,000-200,000 times cycle

Yoke Warranty

At least providing 150,000-200,000 times cycle

Spare Parts

At least providing 2 years main spare parts with machine together

Installation, commissioning and training

– after the machine arriving in to Your factory, Producer sends engineers for installation, commissioning and training,
– the time will take about one week or so, 
– buyer will provide accommodation for 3-4 persons during the stay in Your factory.

Technical support

We will provide technical support and service at any time during your using the machine. If the machine have problem in the warranty time, your engineer could not fix the problem by themselves. we will send our engineer to your site to fix the problem.

High Pressure Processing Machine for laboratory purposes

Systemy HPP badania Systemy HPP
Machine for small production HPP 50L@600MPa System HPP 200L@600MPa

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